The Canoe: A Living Tradition

John Jennings

The Canoe brings to mind the early exploration of our continent and links us to our vanishing wilderness. In North American culture, the canoe has become more than recreation and more than transportation; it has become a symbol of our collective heart and soul. The Canoe is unique in its scope and depth, and at long last, brings us a book worthy of the subject and its importance to our sense of our history. It brings together 12 experts in the field who, in collaboration with the world-renowned Canadian Canoe Museum and with the cooperation of museums around the world, have created the definitive book of the canoe past and present. There has never been anything as comprehensive as this book. It covers the canoe’s past among Native peoples and the first European settlers, its development into the recreational craft of today, and the preservation of its ongoing legacy. The Canoe features: 

  • expert authors on a range of canoe history, craft and preservation 
  • support and collaboration of scholars and museums throughout the world 
  • over 400 beautiful images of canoe craftsmanship and scenery, including rare archival photos 
  • detailed maps, glossary and index. 

About the editor and contributors: John Jennings is co-author of The Canoe in Canadian Cultures and a professor at Trent University. With support from the Canadian Canoe Museum, he brought together 12 experts in canoe and kayak scholarship and culture to create this book. Contributors: Eugene Arima – National Historic Sites Hallie E. Bond – Adirondack Museum Steven C. Brown – Former curator, Seattle Art Museum David Finch – Canoe historian Don Gardner – Canoe builder, Glenbow Museum Gwyneth Hoyle – Canoe author John Jennings – Canadian Canoe Museum C. Fred Johnston – Canadian Canoe Association, International Canoe Federation Kenneth R. Lister – Royal Ontario Museum Ted Moores – Canoe author and builder Rick Nash – Canoe builder James Raffan – Bestselling canoe author * (September 2002 ) 288 pages / 10 5/8” x 10 5/8” * over 400 photographs and maps in full color and black and white, index, bibliography, sources for further reading

The Canoe A Living Tradition cover