Cedar and Canvas Lake Guide Canoe (SOLD)

Canoe Make and Model: 
Cedar and Canvas Lake Guide Canoe - Rangely features
Canoe Length: 
15ft 6 in

15’ 6” Cedar and Canvas Lake Guide Canoe

I had my stepson TJ - 6ft 5in and 265 pounds - and his soon to be better half Hannah fish from the canoe including both standing!

 I built it from a form that the seller called the “PhatMan” canoe form. If you examine the dimensions, it matches very closely to a Rangely Lake Guide canoe – it has lots of capacity! It can easily carry a 3rd and/or even a 4th person or fisherman with plenty of gear. The shape is designed to handle rough water as was the Rangely. The slightly rockered bottom makes the “Fisherman” maneuverable, while the boat's shallow draft will get you into places other boats only desire to go.

Northern white cedar ribs, half-ribs and planks

Spruce inwales

Mahogany outwales

#10 treated mildew resistant canvas

Silicon bronze screws and bolts

Brass stem bands

Depth: approx. 14 1/2”

Beam: about 39 1/2” – large carrying capacity – much stability for fisherman

Weight: around 80+ ??? lbs (quite heavy but me and my grandson have no issue carrying it.)

Added Features:

Raised and contoured black walnut decks

½ ribs to add additional stability and strength to the canoe

Bow and stern carrying thwarts (black walnut)

Contoured black walnut stern seat which lowers the paddler’s center of gravity.

Dual paint scheme with Duralux Marine Enamel: Signal Yellow below the water line and Biloxi Blue above the water line with black pin strip separating

Seats are supported with solid black walnut supports which span the width of the seat sides and are set flush against the inwales for superior support.

Inner and outer stem of black walnut (really sets off bow and stern interior of canoe) – Protection to exterior

Black Walnut keel for ease of straight tracking in wind and/or lakes

Prior to canvassing, the hull was treated with hot boiled linseed oil which is absorbed into the northern white cedar planking to limit the amount of water that can be absorbed into the wood and to prevent future potential decay.

The interior of the canoe has six coats of Epifanes gloss clear varnish.

Many additional photos upon request as I documented the complete build. Questions welcomed.


Please feel free to come by and review before you bid if practical. Simply, send me a message to make arrangements. Of course, absolutely no obligations — glad to chat!

Excellent Original
Pottstown PA 19464
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Time remaining: 26%
05/24/2018 (3 months)