1912 Old Town, Restored 18' IF Model.

18' Old Town
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Old Town, IF Model
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This is a fully restored Old Town 18' Cedar/Canvas Canoe with serial number 24568.  The manufacturers record, courtesy of the WCHA, indicate it was manufactured in December 1912 and shipped to the Frank Bump Company in Binghamton, NY on February 12, 1913.  It is the IF (Ideal Fisherman) Model which later became known as their Guide Model.  This restoration duplicates as close as possible its original New Haven Green color which was the lightest of three green colors used on Old Town Canoes.  It has closed gunwales which were standard at that time. Open gunwales were available as an option as early as 1905 and later became the standard of the industry.   The original Cotton Canvas has been replaced with Dacron Canvas which, like the cotton material  is not glued to the planking.  The Dacron material doesn't rot as did the original cotton material which should help extend the life of the canoe.   All of the old paint and varnish finishes have been removed down to the bare wood and the new clear spar varnishes used contain Ultraviolet Protection and should keep the natural wood colors bright and vibrant far longer that the original paints did.   Great care has been used to insure the appearance of the canoe is original and that it will be strong enough to last for many more years with normal use.  

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