Wood Canoes For Sale

17' Old Town CanoeOld Town Canoe Canoe Make and Model: Old Town Circa 1930, SN 106507-17 Length: 17 ‘  06/08/2019
1908 17’ B. N. Morris Model A Type III (reproduction build) -- SOLDBuild just completed – May 2018 Canoe Make and Model: 1908 B. N. Morris Reproduction Canoe Length: 17’06/11/2019
Near Perfect SkowheganA near perfect original Skowhegan, SN2191-16. No breaks. Good canvas with probably original paint and patina. Can email pics. Bought from original family who kept it indoors. Provenance available. $2500. 06/13/2019
17 foot Old Town Wooden Canoe for saleFully restored by Andrew Wallace some years ago with new planking as needed, canvas, gunwhales, keel and copper keel runner, decking and stem/stern work.  Seats recaned.  Has not been used much since then.   Belived to be an Old Town, age uncertain as no numbers are now to be found.  I bought it well used some 45 years ago, did minor restoration and recanvassing and used it extensively on quiet water for 20 years or more before its professional restoration.   06/15/2019
1942 16” Old Town canoe Needs new canvas. Clean interior, inner, gunwales, seats and thwarts.     06/17/2019
16' Chestnut Prospector16' Chestnut, wood-canvas canoe needs a new home. It is 34 and 1/2" across the center thwart.  It's 14" deep at the center.  It has 5" of rocker at the bow and 3" at the stern. It weighs about 76 pounds. It has a serial number: 45515.  From the dimensions, it is a "Fort" model, built in about 1967. It has been restored to a "good" or "very good" condition.  I have many pictures, but I only loaded one for this ad. I can email more at your request.  06/18/2019
16 foot TremblaySerial number is LCT 115.73.  We got this canoe with the intention to repair it, but 8 years later it's still hanging in the woodworking shop. It's time to make some space and give it a new home.06/18/2019
18' Old Town HW sailing canoe, AA gr., newly refurbished, complete hardwareThis is 'Arrow', a newly refurbished 18' AA grade Old Town HW sailing canoe, with sponsons, half-ribs, rub rails, full length stem band, complete sailing hardware including a new sail, two Old Town paddles and slatted OT seat back. Serial # 152749, built April - December 1949, shipped Dec. 20, 1949 to Calistoga Dime and Dollar Store, Oakland, CA. Originally painted with white top/blue bottom (design #45), I am advised that she was only ever very lightly used in the Oakland area and briefly sailed in San Francisco Bay.06/20/2019
18ft Old Town Otca Sailing Canoe, Wood Canvas1 owner, stored indoors. Includes original leeboards, crossbar, paddles, and double-bladed paddle with copper tips. Original sail, mast, and spars were replaced, and a new seat was installed to accomodate the wider mast, but still have the original seat with brass mast support hole. Also includes canoe dolly cart. Serial No: 182227. $2800 or bo.   06/24/2019
16' Chestnut in very good condition $750 I bought this lovely canoe about 20 years ago from a friend. I believe it to be in original condition save for a coat of paint I applied to seal cracking original paint, and a touch up of varnish along gunwales. It has not been used a great many hours as it is a bit heavy for me to handle. It has always been stored in my barn. You are welcome to make an offer higher  or lower than my asking price. If significantly lower I may wish to wait until September 1, to see if a better offer is made.07/05/2019