Wood Canoes For Sale

17 foot Old Town Wooden Canoe for saleFully restored by Andrew Wallace some years ago with new planking as needed, canvas, gunwhales, keel and copper keel runner, decking and stem/stern work.  Seats recaned.  Has not been used much since then.   Belived to be an Old Town or possibly a Rushton, age uncertain as no numbers are now to be found.  I bought it well used some 45 years ago, did minor restoration and recanvassing and used it extensively on quiet water for 20 years or more before its professional restoration.   06/15/2018
1942-16' Old Town Original! Family kept.1942 Old Town Canoe (Yankee) 16' All Original with provenance and new asing price. If this canoe could talk, it would tell you all about it's many happy experiences.  But it would also tell you that it needs new wonderful owners to create even more. I sold my house sooner than expected. Give me a decent OBO please; . Pick up from the original family owner (now in Highlands NC) or (with advanced notice) in the Tampa Bay area. This would also look fantastic hanging from a cathedral ceiling-Wow! Just don't cut it in half! No fakers need apply.06/16/2018
Gorgeous Templeton canoeThis gorgeous wood and canvas Templeton canoe is in excellent condition.  It was originally purchased in 1983 and has been recently reconditioned by Jerry Stelmok at Island Falls Canoe Company. It now has new canvas, a fresh coast of varnish and new brass hardware.  The canoe has been donated to Maine Rivers.06/16/2018
William EnglishCall for information.  Gus 757-504-4048 06/18/2018
Brand New Canoe For Sale06/26/2018
small sailing canoePrice is negotiable. Call Mrs. Pat Wyman at 315-336-5981. This sailing canoe was built by a skilled amateur builder to a high standard. Can be delivered to WCHA (on Thursday) in 2017. 06/28/2018
1922 Old Town Canoe 18' GSBeautiful 1922 Old Town Guide Special #73328, fully restored by Blue Line Boatworks in Pierson, MI winter of 2016. Damaged ribs and some planking had to be replaced during resotration but over 80% of original wood secured to preserve the character; ash decks, spruce gunnels, white cedar ribs and planks.  Keel is oak with copper runners, seats recaned, and flag mounts fore and aft.  Stored indoors, copy of original shipper included.  Asking $3000.  Len 07/07/2018
1923 Old Town Sailing Canoe - 18'1923 Old Town Sailing Canoe in great shape Built in Sponsons Refurbished 3 years ago New Doug Fowler Sail All rigging replaced and works very well All canoe hardware included, rudder, lee boards etc. Good Trailer Included 5852786911 - leave a message with your name and that you are a WCHA member 3hawkes@bluefrog.com - please provide your name and that you are a WCHA member   Thanks, Bob   07/10/2018
1924 Old Town sailing canoeID 80592;  Started in 1923 shipped July 29, 1924. Price reduced   Wood and canvas are in good shape, but needs some restoration mostly for the sailing parts (rudder & lee board).  Have the original hardware for the sailing equipment. 07/16/2018
Skowhegan "Invisible Sponson"Ca. 1932 wood and canvas canoe in excellent condition. Restored 2007. Per the Skowhegan Boat and Canoe Co catalog:"The Sponson  is built for use in rough water or for those who enjoy canoeing only when assured of the greatest security...The air chambers on the sides are made to conform to the graceful side curves...The Sponson  handles easily even when loaded heavily." 07/20/2018