Other Canoe-Related Items For Sale

Old Penn Yan canoe sailing hardwareI have almost all the sail hardware from a Penn Yan Owasco.  I was planning to use them when I restore my Penn Yan Owasco, but I have no idea when I'll get to the job.06/04/2018
Bicycle Pulled Trailer for your canoe/kayak SOLDA metal take-apart trailer for pulling your canoe/kayak beheind a bicycle. It comes complete: all hardware and padding. It has a small peice that screws to the bicycle, all the rest is pinned together. Pull nicely behind Jean's 7 speed. Takes down to fit in a car. 10/03/2018
Racine Canoe replica decals for saleI have a few waterside decals that were made professionally for Racine Canoes. $15 each to offset the artwork fees, etc. send a check and a self addressed envelope and I will sent them out to you. PM me for my address. Dave Osborn   10/14/2018
sailing rig, needs work Old sailing rig, needs work. Barn find, my barn. Two Masts boken on bottom, needs new sail, battons are in there. If I did more sailing canoes I'd keep these, but I never seem to do any.  No rudder, I might be able to find a couple of lee boards . Dave   10/17/2018
Copper Canoe TacksCopper canoe tacks, light flat head. Two sizes available - 12 oz (3.4") and 14 oz. (13/16"). Appropriate for restoration of copper-fastened canvas canoes. Also closest in style and head diameter for restoring early lapstrake (e.g. Rushton) canoes. $58/pound plus shipping. Contact dan@dragonflycanoe.com 12/15/2018
Sailing Canoe RudderI have an Old Town rudder from the 1930s that I don't need.  I reset the brass band and refinished it with four coats of marine spar varnish.  It's ready to mount on your canoe.  I do not have the rest of the mounting hardware.  I also have a pair of leeboards that I don't need but they are not in as good condition and will need refinishing for additional money if someone needs them.  I can pack and ship if necessary for the cost of shipping.  SOLD RUDDER 03/07/2019
Osprey Building FormBuilt by Skywoods in 2000. This form will build either a 16’ or 17’ Osprey canoe with beautiful high ends.    SKYWOODS Scott Barkdoll 802 349 2763 03/26/2019
Florin Canoe Building FormThe lines from this wineglass transom canoe came from a Carson City, Michigan-built antique canoe I found in 1996. It was built as a two piece form, on a strong back so it could be cut and remade as a wide transom or double ended canoe as well. 03/27/2019
Shaw & Tenney Penobscot Paddles (set of two)Offering a two piece set of Penobscot paddles which consist of one 66" made from Black Cherry and one 63" made from Sassafrass wood.  A gorgeous pair whether used for decorative display or to propel your craft through the water.  Asking price is for the set with local pick up.  There will be an expense for shipping if required, at cost, no added margin.  The original receipt is attached in the photo section.  04/25/2019
Canoe Hanging CradlesHandcrafted wooden cradles to store your canoe during the off season.  Asking price is for a set of two.  Local pick up only please as they are quite heavy and likely expensive to ship.  However if necessary, we can pack and provide this service at our cost. Thank you.  04/25/2019